The process to apply for the Dallas Sober Living Solutions program is simple and straightforward. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Call to schedule a time to have a preliminary interview call or meeting to discuss the program and ask questions.
  2. Complete the preliminary interview call or meeting. If there is interest and a good fit for the program, application forms will be provided electronically.
  3. Complete application form and payment.
  4. Dallas Sober Living will provide a decision on the application, generally within 24 hours.

There is nothing to fear in the application process. You can contact us at any time to ask questions or discuss concerns. We are focused on helping you find the best next step in your recovery program, whether that is with Dallas Sober Living Solutions or not.

Apply Now

Apply Online OR Download and complete the Program Application found at the link below.

Upon completing and signing the form, scan or photograph it and email to us at:

If you have questions, call us at: