Timberleaf Women’s House

I came to the Timberleaf house after spending a year in another sober living program. I realized that I wasn’t ready to live independently yet, so I committed to staying in sober living. I wanted to transition to a sober living environment where I could be more independent while still maintaining a high level of accountability. I found out about Dallas Sober Living Solutions from a friend of mine who had moved into their women’s house when it first opened. She had nothing but positive things to say about the environment and the directors of the program. I moved into the house shortly after her and I really valued and appreciated having a friend in the house who I already have a strong relationship with. I actually knew several of the women from previous sober living and through the program. That sense of familiarity has really made the house feel more like home. We share responsibility within the home and work together to maintain the general upkeep of the house. The fellowship within the house operates to maintain a safe, respectable, and responsible living environment. I am happy to have found a place to call home at Timberleaf as I continue to learn and grow in my recovery.