There can be a lot of nervousness and anxiety when arriving at your new recovery residence. Prior to your arrival you will have spoken to the House Manager to set up your arrival time.

Immediately upon arrival you will go through a drug and alcohol screen. Following that, you will have an orientation with your House Manager, meet your housemates and be assigned your room. After that, relax and get accustomed to your new home

Yes. Your curfew varies depending on whether or not you are adhering to the program rules.

We provide a beautiful, spacious, fully furnished home with:

  • Full kitchen with cooking serving equipment and utensils
  • Laundry facilities
  • Shared, well-appointed bedrooms
  • Outdoor seating area with BBQ grill
  • Computer with Internet access
  • TV with cable service
  • Telephone with local and long distance service
  • All household cleaning products
  • An Honest, Open-minded, Willing attitude (H.O.W. it Works)
  • Enough seasonally-appropriate clothing for 2-3 weeks (maximum of two standard sized suitcases)
  • Toiletry items (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, etc.)
  • Your own pillow (if desired)
  • The Big Book/NA Basic Text, a 12 and 12, and a journal
  • Identification, insurance info, etc.
  • Alarm clock or equivalent
  • An unwilling attitude
  • Any toiletry or other products containing alcohol
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Anything of value other than what you feel is absolutely necessary
  • Pets

Each housemate has assigned closet space, as well as nightstand, dresser, and/or under-bed storage. Bathroom storage may be limited, so you may be given a caddy to store most of your personal hygiene items that you will keep in your room when not in use. If bathroom storage space is available, you will be assigned shelf or cabinet space. In the kitchen, you will have your own dedicated space in the refrigerator as well as having pantry space assigned for dry goods.

Yes. Your curfew varies depending on whether or not you are adhering to the program rules.

All Residents are required to have 30 productive hours a week. That can consist of work, school, iop or volunteering somewhere.

We believes in peer accountability. When we free ourselves from addiction, we find we can deal with problems in healthy, productive ways. Occasionally, problems may arise between housemates. We encourage housemates to bring problems to each other’s attention and work to find a positive resolution. House meetings are a very effective way to openly resolve issues that will inevitably come up. If you continue to have problems, discuss them with your sponsor, bring them to the House Manager’s attention.

Yes. You may use your cell phone and laptop as long as it is not a disruption to others. Laptops are highly encouraged to be used in common areas only.

Relapse is a process that culminates in the taking of a drink or drug. Dallas Sober Living Solutions offers every avenue possible to prevent you from reaching that point. However, for the safety and sobriety of your housemates, if you do drink or drug while living at Dallas Sober Living Solutions you will be removed from the home within 45 minutes of discovery.

We will assist in finding you alternate accommodations. If you are unable to retrieve your possessions, Dallas Sober Living will store them for 15 days. You may apply for reentry into the house after 7 days or completion of a treatment program and may be readmitted if you have remained clean and sober and can pass a drug screen.