Our Structure – Meditation for Addiction Recovery and Joy

  • Meditation and reflection are vital for individuals in recovery. We will start the day out with a morning meditation to help us prepare for the day ahead.
  • During the day, each resident will either need to work or seek a job, go to school, attend an intensive outpatient program, or be productive.
  • We will have two in-house meetings. One night a week will be a big book study and one weekly house meeting.
  • Each resident will have a simple daily chore and will keep their bed made.
  • Random weekly test will be given.
  • Fun activities within the community, such as Volleyball, a trip to the movies, Game Night, Road Trips, Fishing, and more.

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If you are currently in an addictive addiction, we would love to help. We are connected to many treatment centers and medical detoxes that can help you start your path to recovery and freedom. For loved ones which might have a family member struggling, sometimes an intervention may be needed. We will help guide you in finding the right interventionist.

After completing 30, 60, or 90 days, many individuals still need individual counseling or an intensive outpatient program. We have several options for individuals who might need this next step after detox or treatment with our location.